Registering a .io domain name within the confines of the law

The .IO domain is known to be the internet country code top-level domain for the British Indian oceanic territory. It has existed since 1997; the first .IO domain was registered in 1998 when yahoo Inc. registered the domain name “”. The .IO domain is administered by internet computer bureau, a company based in the United Kingdom. The internet computer bureau has the right to sell any .IO domain, and any other domain related to the IO domain. In order to register .io domains you must not be registered or established in the British Indian ocean territory.

Having a .IO domain does not have any restriction or whatsoever, individuals, and organizations are allowed to register .IO domains, but it requires anyone that wants to register not to be established in the British Indian oceanic territory. Like most domains, io domains are mostly bought by third party people who do not intend to use the domain for websites.

However, .IO domain restricts on the type of information in which registered owners display on their websites. The .IO domain does not allow websites registered on the domain to display sexual or pornographic contents, or any information that is against the statutory laws of any nation. Any website registered on the .IO domain that breaches this requirement gives the .IO no choice but to immediately deactivate such website. One can pay for the registration for a maximum of 10 years, but the minimum is one year which will require reactivation after the one year period expires.

.IO domains are often priced higher than other domains; this could be as a result of high demand for the domain. The amount for registration per year is about £30 which is way too high compare to the prices of other domains out there. Many startup companies prefer to use .IO domains for their websites and other internet processes.

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