Details Information About .XXX Domains

Among various domain extensions .XXX is another one domain extension, it is a sponsored top-level domain (sTLD). In this article, the details about .XXX domains will be discussed. This domain is used for pornographic websites. The sponsoring organization of .XXX domain is the International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR) and the registry of .XXX domain is operated by the ICM Registry LLC. This domain has got approved by the vote of The ICANN Board. On 6 December 2011.The .XXX domain became available online. On 2000.XXX was first proposed by the ICM Registry. On 2004 ICM Registry resubmitted .XXX TLD. But, the politicians and conservative groups were strongly against of this resubmission for .XXX TLD. After continuing few cases, hearings and meetings, on 18 March 2011 ICANN’s board approved .XXX TLD. Register a cheap .XXX domain at

People can easily recognize a website as adult entertainment if that website is registered under .XXX domain. By recognizing this, people can become consumers or avoiders of those adult websites. The length of .XXX domain names needs to be minimum 3 characters to maximum 63 characters containing English language letters, digits and hyphens. Letters A-Z, digits 0-9 are acceptable in domain names. Hyphens are also acceptable, but it should not be at the beginning, ending, third and fourth position in the domain name. Spaces and special characters are not allowed in .XXX domain names.

To get an .XXX domain name at first people need to complete the ICM Registry’s free membership application process. Without being a member of ICM Registry people cannot register an .XXX domain name. After applying for membership of ICM Registry, the Registry can ask for submitting additional documentations to validate the membership. When a person becomes a valued member of ICM Registry, then that person becomes eligible to register an .XXX domain name. If a person has ICM Registry membership ID, that person can use that ID for his or her all .XXX domain names those he or she registered. There is no need to have a separate membership ID for every .XXX domain name.

Also, people can have registrations to block domain names from becoming .XXX

domain names. Those people are outside of sponsored adult entertainment community. They want to get defensive registrations to block domain names from becoming .XXX domain names. But they don’t need to apply for the membership of ICM Registry.

The .XXX domain gets support from the ICM Registry and the International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR). These both organizations are separate from each other. At the registration time, people can register .XXX domain names for 1-10 years. After expiring the registration period website owners can renew the domain name. There is a feature to add privacy and protection to .XXX domains. Any valid name servers can be used for .XXX domain names.

This extension has a provision for the adult entertainment industry to register thousands of new .XXX domain names. Also, people can easily filter out .XXX websites who want to avoid adult contents online and keep children away from these adult contents. These are the advantages of .XXX domain extension.